L1000786Ahhh…..Kissing….one of my favorite “intimate arts”, and oftentimes a skill that gets sorely underestimated and valued! Did you know that, according to therapists, there are an estimated 40 million Americans that are having sex less than ten times a year? Sex is on everyone’s mind, but maybe people should take things slow and start with the basic building blocks of intimacy: Kissing!

Kissing can be more intimate than having sex, but is one of the first things to go in a long-term or sexless marriage. When kissing falls to the wayside, it’s the first step to losing passion in a relationship.

Kissing is one of the first ways we connect sexually. And then over time it goes down. But there are some physical things that make kissing important…like hormones relased. One of the most important neurotransmitters kissing can promote is dopamine, which is involved in helping us feel rewarded and experience pleasure. Also, Oxytocin is triggered which contributes to our long term bonding with our partners.

7 Tips on How To Be a Good Kisser

    1. You may want to study the way your partner kisses.
      Imagine that kissing is a form of language and you want to communicate the same way they do.
    2. Use Your Hands
      It creates a physical connection in addition to your lips
    3. Make Eye Contact
      Look into each others eyes as a prelude to a kiss or sometimes the whole time you’re kissing. In Chinese medicine the eyes are related to an energetic pathway that surrounds the genitals.
    4. Vary It Up A Bit
      If you’ve been married for a long time, it gets a little routine. You have a [certain] way of kissing and that‚Äôs what your spouse is expecting. Surprise them, vary the pressure, the speed and the technique. Kissing when/where your partner least expects breaks things up.
  1. Be Conscious Of What You’re Doing With Your Tongue
    Gently slide your tongue into your partner’s mouth and then move deeper It lights up all the nerve endings in the mouth, it also stimulates the salivary glands. Believe it or not, saliva contains testosterone, and testosterone provides a little jolt to your libido.
  2. Kiss Longer, More Passionately
    Passionate kissing is something people forget to do. Passionate kisses elevate your blood pressure and cause your heart to beat faster, getting you more excited, and making it easier for you to reach orgasm.
  3. Take your time, slow it down.
    Be the first to stop.

Some “Kissing Labs”

  • Try all kissing and no sex for a week.
  • Makeover your partners kissing by doing what you like and suggesting they emulate you.
  • Explore your partners earlobes, another EZone with your tongue, suck and trace the outine, You could even whisper something naughty to them. (View my DVD to learn more.)
  • Practice some public displays of affections, it OK to kiss when others are around. Kissing doesnt have to lead to something else it can be a goal in itself.
  • Move beyond the mouth, you’re not confined to kissing just lips — there’s a whole face and body to explore. French kiss the chin, neck and breasts.
  • Be sure to try X On The Lips: A unique, buzzing lip balm infused with gender-friendly pheromones that leaves an electrifying kiss impression that someone will never forget!