The Force Awakens

“I gave her 9 orgasms last night, and six were before I got her panties off!”

I was about to go live on Sirius radio when I received the above text.  I smiled.  We’d succeeded, the force had awakened in him and now he was on the hero’s journey to sexual mastery.

With the recent release of the new Stars Wars film, I couldn’t help but open up the archives of sexual Jedi skills.

While reading this, you may not believe what I say is true, that these things are even possible, but young padawan they are.  Remember, the words of Yoda, “Luminous beings we are… not this crude matter.”  You might be afraid that the skills you learn will make you too powerful and perhaps the dark side will take over.  Keep your fear in check, it may become anger, which becomes hate, which becomes suffering.

Here are three tips to opening up to more possibility in your sex life:

1) Be OPEN – You have to open your mind and focus your energy on life and abundance and what is possible instead of living with anxiety about what is wrong.  Get present and aware.  In the Empire Strikes BackLuke says, “I don’t believe it!” Yoda’s response; “This is why you fail.”  You must believe you can.

2) Practice – In the words of Yoda – “Do. Or Do Not.  There is no try.”  We have many unconscious practices around sex, it’s time to consciously practice what you are taught, it’s the only way that you build competent confidence.  Remember there is no try, only do.

3) Learn – Gain the skills from people who have mastered what you want.  Luke and the Jedi’s before him went through vigorous training from other masters.  What are things that you can learn that would take your sex skills to the next level?  And since you may not know what you are missing, may I suggest my Red Hot Touch or Oral Sex for Couples series for more education.

And, if you see the movie (I’m taking my whole family for the holiday), let me know what you thought.  Are there any lessons you can share that might improve your sex life?