1 in 3 Relationships are Sexless...

It’s true.  1 in 3 long-term relationships in America are sexless.  That’s a lot of relationships!  And how many of those relationships who are having sex, are having Satisfying, Passion-filled, Sex? Sadly, not too many.  Even sadder, it can be 100% prevented!

Have you ever known someone who got sick from an illness that was 100% preventable?  It’s frustrating because you see them go through so much pain that could have been avoided.  It cost them lost work, life energy, money, time missed playing with their children, life lost.

Today I want to inspire you because I know that when passion dies in a relationship, the cost is high – Divorce, Affairs, Lost Work, Families Splitting, or worse.  It’s painful, but it’s preventable!

So what can You do to Prevent Passion from Dying in Your Relationship?

  • Mindset – you have to have the right mindset. You will go through rough times, but if you have one foot out the door when things get hard, or you live in a fantasy world where you aren’t prepared for those hard times, you will not succeed.  You must have the mindset committed to making your relationship a priority in your life.  Most people unfortunately do not know how to train their minds for their ultimate relationship.


  • Magnetism – what can you do on a daily basis to create more attraction and powerful magnetism in your relationship? How do you pull her to you instead of feeling like you are pushing?  How do call to him instead of feeling like you have to nag him?  Being magnetic is tied to opposite energies – light and dark, in control or surrendered, straight or curved.  Are you conscious of the energy you are putting out in relationship to your partner?


  • Mentorship – Most people don’t realize that they can get mentorship for their relationships and sexuality. They seek out information and knowledge in business and health, but they forget to take a look at the mentorship they can get in realm of relationships.  Did you grow up in a dysfunctional household?  Who/what have been your relationship role models?  Who were your sexual mentors? (we all had them even if they weren’t positive) The key is to invest in mentors who are getting the results you want.  Who has passionate, connected and crazy amazing sex?   Learn from them.


These are just a few strategies to help you prevent hot juicy sex from dying.  While there are many, these three are the foundation to helping you build passion for a lifetime.


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